Julietta Parra Ducote

Julietta Parra Ducote

Artistic Director

Julietta Parra Ducote is the artistic director for The Flamenco Poets Society.  Ms. Ducote has been involved for many years in the art of poetry. She is a published poet and her work  has appeared in Illuminations, and ArtLies Journal. She also contributes to articles pertaining to art reviews and flamenco dance programs.

Julietta’s major subjects of interest are the poetry and literature of Latin America, Spain, as well as the dance, music and history of flamenco. Ms. Ducote has produced poetry readings and flamenco programs for the Society of Flamenco Arts and other nonprofit and cultural organizations. She is currently working on her book of poems.

I remember the first day I saw you,
A cocoon waiting all these years to bloom,
Hundreds of yarns producing silk for the pleasure of others..

Stanza from one of Julietta’s poems