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Our Readers and Supporters

We want to thank the readers, performers and benefactors who have passionately supported the Flamenco Poets Society. Without their encouragement, inspiration and support much of what we do would be impossible.

Readers and Storytellers

Lorena Fernandez
Alex Kalamarides
Bend Lind
Pin Lim
Jere Pfister
Reyes Ramirez
Edgard Guajardo


Fresh Arts
Brazilian Arts Foundation
MATCH Midtown Arts Center
Poets & Writers, Inc.

Thomas HsinJung Lorena -Photo by Miro Dvorscak

George Zombakis
Miro Dvorscak
Dejana Mladenovic
Mauricio Campos
Lucia & Valdemar Flamenco
Pat Davis
Enrique Vasquez
Ivette Collazo


Hsin-Jung Tsai
Thomas Helton
Danielle Reich

– Pianist/Composer
– Bassist/Composer
– Jazz Singer